Top Garden Photographer Clive Nichols visits Wormsley

8th June 2018

It’s not only the early bird that catches the worm – as we learnt as the dawn was breaking one June morning, the professional garden photographer is also on the hunt for a different ‘prey’! In this case, the perfect light to capture the most wonderful images! So it was, that on a lovely summer’s morning in June we welcomed Clive Nichols to Wormsley at 5am to photograph the Walled Garden and the Opera Garden aspart of a feature to appear in one of the leading Garden magazines next year.

Clive has photographed many of the world's best gardens, including HRH The Prince of Wales's own private garden in Scotland, Lord Rothschild's private garden in Corfu and Lord Heseltine's private garden in Oxfordshire. His passion for the subject comes across in every image that he makes.

His work has appeared in hundreds of books as well as in countless magazines, calendars and brochures. Clive regularly gives master classes in flower and garden photography for The Royal Horticultural Society. He has won many awards for his photography of gardens and flowers most recently The Gordon Rae Photographer of the Year Award in 2017 and the Garden Media Guild Book Photographer of the Year in 2016.

It was a real pleasure to watch a true master at work as he skilfully worked his way round each of the two main gardens at Wormsley. Starting in the Opera Garden we had the added pleasure of watching the mist lifting off the lake, giving an even more magical view of the Island Pavilion. After an intensive hour of capturing the garden and its amazing borders from every conceivable angle, Clive made his way down to the two-acre Walled Garden which was masterfully brought back to life by Penelope Hobhouse over 30 years ago. The central avenues and vistas across the garden rooms adding a different dimension to the image portfolio. Clive ended the day with some interactive shots of Head Gardener, Charlotte Tremlin whilst we also learnt of his love of Cricket - this of course called for a stop at the Cricket Ground on the way back, before we said our fond farewells. We look forward to seeing the results of his mastery when the article is published next Spring.