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15th August 2018
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Over the years some of the world’s most famous players have enjoyed the opportunity to play at Cricket Wormsley and on Wednesday 15thAugust we were delighted to have the opportunity to welcome Afghanistan back to Wormsley for their 3rd visit in the last 5 years. Afghanistan is one of the most exciting teams in International cricket at the moment and when Coach Phil Simmons (ex West Indies) called to see if he could use Wormsley as a training base ahead of the squad’s tour of Ireland this summer we were only too delighted to invite the squad back to Wormsley. The culmination of 10 days hard training was a T20 match against the Sir Paul Getty XI, captained by Nick Compton and boasting a host of stars including Owais Shah, Calum MacLeodand Matthew Cross. The two sides were as follows:

Sir Paul Getty XI

  1. Matthew Cross (Scotland, Nottinghamshire)
  2. Waqas Hussain (Berkshire)
  3. Owais Shah (England, Middlesex)
  4. Calum MacLeod (Scotland, Derbyshire)
  5. Nick Compton (England, Middlesex)
  6. Scott Newman (Middlesex, Surrey)
  7. Antum Naqvi (Northern Territories)
  8. Tom Morton (Wiltshire)
  9. Gareth Andrew (Hampshire, Worcestershire)
  10. Sibz Makhanya (South Africa U19, Dolphins)
  11. Shakeem Clarke (Barbados)



  1. Mohammad Shahzad
  2. Hazratullah Zazai
  3. Usman Ghani
  4. Asghar Afghan
  5. Mohammad Nabi
  6. Najibullah Zadran
  7. Shafiqullah Shafiq
  8. Gulbadin Naib
  9. Mirwais Ashraf
  10. Aftab Alam
  11. Fareed Malik
  12. Sami Shenwari

Although Rashid Khan was on County duty with Sussex, he arrived at Wormsley just before the start, much to the delight of 1,200 passionate Afghanistan supporters who were desperate to see their stars for a final time in England in 2018. Asghar Afghan won the toss and elected to bat. Gareth Andrew (Hampshire, Worcestershire) silenced the crowd almost immediately, having Hazratullah Zazai caught in his first over and things could have been much worse for Afgahnistan when Mohammad Shahzad miscued to deep square leg before he’d reached double figures – but the difficult chance went down. Usman Ghani steady the ship with a well constructed 57 before Owais Shah (England, Middlesex) joined the attack, dismissing Shahzad for 42 with his first delivery and then picking up the captain Asghar Afghan for a duck to complete a memorable first over. Mohammed Nabi applied the accelarator, clearing the ropes 5 times with some of the largest sixes seen at Wormsley for a while in his explosive 56. Najibullah Zadran added a rapid-fire 24 to take Afghanistan to a robust 196 – 6 after 20.

Scott Newman (Miidlesex, Surrey) and Matthew Cross (Nottinghamshire, Scotland) put on 29 for the first wicket before Farred Malik had Newman caught looking to accelerate the rate. Captain, Nick Compton joined Cross and the pair played beautifully to take the Sir Paul Getty XI over the 100 mark before the skipper was well caught for a classy-looking 28. Matthew Cross departed soon after for a very well put together 60 – the highest score of the day – but the home side on 105-3 were falling behind the required rate.  Things picked up when Owais Shah arrived at the crease, reminding us all why he was once such a valuable player in the England One-day squad. He and Callum MaCleod (Scotland , Derbyshire) took the score to just shy of the 150 mark when Shah fell as the overs started to run out. The Sir Paul Getty XI finally closed the 20th over on 178 – 18 runs short of what was always going to be a challenging target. Afghanistan were well-deserved victors, showing in the end just why they are one of the most exciting sides to watch in world cricket.

The two sides celebrated a great day’s cricket with dinner in The Boundary Room, alongside special guests from the Afghanistan Embassy in London, Chance to Shine and the Afghan Connection. It was a day that will stay long in the memory and we finished the evening wishing Phil Simmons and his entertaining Afghanistan squad all the best for their tour of Ireland and hoping that we might see them again at Wormsley in 2019.