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18th December 2018
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We are delighted to announce that we will be continuing the Wormsley Cricket Membership for 2019, after a hugely successful first season this year.  The 2019 Membership will offer two options; Individual membership and Member & Guest, which allows a guest to accompany the member to each game. 2019 is shaping up to being an extremely busy year on the cricket front and we'll enjoy a wide variety of games from our season curtain raiser(Berkshire CCC v Middlesex) to the annual Sir Paul Getty XI games (v I Zingari, the Arabs and Eton Rambers), and from a number of village days, touring sides, charity matches & corporate cricket to the Minor Counties and Oxfordshire Cricket Finals at the end of the season.

Membership allows our most loyal followers to enjoy:

  • An extended list of fixtures, allowing access to some of the non-public games staged at Wormsley
  • A designated Members tent and seating area with self-service tea/coffee
  • A designated Members parking area
  • Free entry to games with a ground fee (excluding any charity matches & certain designated matches)
  • A discount of 10% for any hospitality places in the Boundary Room (limited to 1 table per member per event) for designated games

As mentioned above, for 2019 we will be offering two levels of Membership:

  • Individual: fee £50.00 (inc. vat) per person per season
  • Member and Guest: £95.00 (inc. vat) – this allows the Member to bring one guest to each game

To join the Wormsley Cricket Membership please email enquires@wormsley.comto request an Application Form and we look forward to welcoming you to watch some fantastic cricket on the Estate.

Finally, don't forget that the Wormsley Cricket Membership makes the perfect Christmas present for that 'friend who has everything'!!