This a rare chance to visit The Walled Garden at Wormsley, with tickets available to all. Tickets must be booked in advance.

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The Walled Garden dates from the mid-1700s and was originally designed for the former owners of Wormsley, the Fane family, by Richard Woods, a contemporary of the famous Capability Brown. The garden was positioned a mile from the main house to take advantage of the two underground springs and the better source of natural light than surrounds Wormsley House. A carriageway from the house to the garden was planned but never materialised.

For many years the garden was neglected until Sir Paul Getty purchased the Estate in the mid-1980s and in time made the garden a priority project.

In 1991 the garden was redesigned. The wall itself was the only existing feature so the whole plot had to be excavated and remodelled. During the many years of neglect, the garden had succumbed to ash, sycamore, docks, thistles, bindweed and ground elder.

Over the years since the redesign, the layout of the garden has remained substantially the same, although we have just completed a project to re-site the pergola in the vegetable garden so that it sits symmetrically on the axis of the garden. Over the last few years, the garden has enjoyed many events, parties, opera visits and weddings.