Garsington Opera

Garsington Opera was originally founded by the late Leonard Ingrams and his wife Rosalind in 1989 at Garsington Manor near Oxford.

In 2011 the Garsington Opera company moved to its new home at the Robin Snell designed Garsington Opera Pavilion in Deer Park at Wormsley.

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On performance days, patrons arrive at Wormsley from 3.30pm, in time to explore the Estate and enjoy a traditional afternoon tea in the Boundary Room, overlooking illustrious Cricket Ground.


A complimentary bus is available for attending ticket holders to take a short journey to The Walled Garden. Many choose to take a stroll around the Opera Garden or Home Farm while others relax enjoying the view of the Deer Park and lake from the Champagne Bar on the Lower Terrace of the Garsington Opera Pavilion.

Opera Garden

The Opera Garden can be found directly adjacent to the Opera Pavilion and is is designed to bloom specifically during the Opera season. It’s designed and maintained by our Wormsley Gardening team, also known for our renowned Walled Garden.

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