Sir Paul Getty Legacy

The Sir Paul Getty Legacy exists to inspire, nurture and enthuse emerging talent in the true spirit of cricketing excellence.

We were born out of a discovered passion for Cricket. Our heritage is a genuine love of the game. Our commitment is to nurture world-class talent by inspiring, enthusing, and encouraging emerging talent through the experience of playing on our first-class pitch.

We’re committed to inspiring young, less privileged players through the opportunity to play at Wormsley, aiming to ignite a lasting passion for Cricket.

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SPG v Eton Ramblers

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Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire

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Sir Paul Getty became particularly interested in cricket during his years at Cheyne Walk in Chelsea. He had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and would spend hours quizzing fellow cricket enthusiasts about the ‘innings’ and ‘outs’ of the game, including the goings-on at Lord’s, Old Trafford, or where ever the latest Test Match was being played.

Over time Sir Paul was introduced to the cricket establishment and the depth of his love for the game can be seen through his support of the development of the Mound Stand at Lord’s, his acquisition of Wisden and most famously the creation of his cricket ground at Wormsley.  He engaged Harry Brind OBE, groundsman at the Oval, to create a pitch at Wormsley and his great friend, Test Match Special’s irrepressible Brian Johnston, advised on all matters cricket and culinary.

The first game on the new ground was fittingly between two local villages that border the Estate – Ibstone v Fingest on Sunday 10th May 1992.  These village games continue to this day and form an important part of the history of the game at Wormsley.

The Sir Paul Getty ground was officially opened on Sunday 24th May 1992 by Bob Wyatt (England Captain – 40 caps) who rang the Wormsley Bell aside  Fred Trueman (67 England caps) who raised the Wormsley Flag. The Sir Paul Getty XI played host to the MCC, watched by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and the then Prime Minister, Sir John Major. To this day, the Sir Paul Getty XI continues to be a cornerstone of cricket at Wormsley with annual matches against the Eton Ramblers, the Arabs and I Zingari – teams steeped in history with true tradition close to the heart of Sir Paul.

Today Wormsley plays host to a range of cricket, from private and charity matches along with a small number of corporate days each year to Minor Counties, Oxfordshire Cricket, England age-group matches and England Women’s Test Matches… Somewhat befitting Wormsley’s worldwide reputation as “one of the most beautiful grounds in England”!

Cricketers from around the world – whether Internationals or recreational, players aspire to play at Wormsley. Our traditional calendar allows for a number of corporate and private games each year and we look forward to welcoming you to walk or indeed run, field or bowl in the footsteps of some of the greats of the game!


Festival of Cricket 2021

Sir Paul Getty’s XI

SPG’s XI v UKAFCA (Women)
Thu 2nd May, 11am
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v Eton Ramblers
Sun 19th May, 11am
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v The Pilgrims
Fri 24th May, 11am
Open to all
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Sun 2nd Jun, 11am
Open to all
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Sun 23rd Jun, 11am
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v I Zingari
Sun 7th Jul, 11am
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v MCC (Women)
Sat 27th Jul, 1pm
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v The Arabs
Sun 4th Aug, 11am
Open to all
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SPG’s XI v Sussex Martlets
Wed 4th Sep, 11am
Away at Arundel Castle Cricket Club
Open to all


Whilst playing for the Sir Paul Getty XI is by invitation-only, Wormsley reserve a limited number of dates for privately hosted matches.



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