It is with great pleasure, on this opening night of the new season, that we can announce a new long-term agreement with Garsington Opera, which includes the building of the new Arts Hub on the Estate.

Coinciding with the celebration this year of 10 years of ‘Garsington at Wormsley’, this new 125-year agreement guarantees a permanent long-term home for the Opera, which has become an integral part of the fabric at Wormsley since the Opera Pavilion was first opened in 2011.

Mark Getty says ”Over the last 10 years we have witnessed some memorable performances and enjoyed moments that celebrate a perfect partnership. The new Arts Hub will create a further stunning addition to the Estate and presents a number of exciting opportunities for Garsington and Wormsley as both organisations continue to build and strengthen our community outreach and commercial activities, as well as our support for the Performing Arts.” He concludes: “In a time of global uncertainty, we are thrilled to be bearers of good news, hope and positivity!”